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Can You See a Chiropractor While Pregnant?

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If you’re expecting, you may wonder if seeing a chiropractor is safe during pregnancy. While you should always check with your doctor first, for most women, chiropractic care is safe during the first, second, and third trimesters.

Can You See a Chiropractor While Pregnant?

Your body experiences a myriad of physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy, and some of them will impact your comfort and posture. As your baby grows and becomes heavier, for example, your centre of gravity will shift. This can affect your posture and lead to a misaligned spine and joints. Other uncomfortable changes you might experience during your pregnancy include changes to your pelvis as your body prepares to go into labour and a protruding abdomen, which can result in an increased curvature of your back.

Seeing a chiropractor regularly while you’re pregnant can help with these issues, and many women report that regular chiropractic care reduces their discomfort and leads to pain relief. Chiropractic care can re-establish your balance, realign your pelvis, and ultimately help you feel better.

Seeing a chiropractor can be beneficial for your baby, too. When your pelvis is out of alignment, it restricts the amount of space there is for your developing baby, limiting your growing baby’s normal movements. A misaligned pelvis can also make it harder for your baby to get into a rear-facing, head down position, which is the best position for delivery.

Overall, if you want to heave a healthier, more comfortable pregnancy, seeing a chiropractor can help. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your next appointment.