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Chiropractic is a form of healthcare that is non-invasive and uses hands-on techniques to prevent, diagnose, and treat disorders related to the joints, nervous system, pelvis, and spine. Chiropractic care can help you improve your joint motion and coordination and physical function and performance. It can also provide relief from various joint and musculoskeletal pains, help you maintain better posture, and help you recover from chronic injuries.

Chiropractic Clinic in Pickering, Ontario

Our chiropractic clinic in Pickering, Ontario is here to provide sustainable solutions and individualized care. At Active Integrative Medicine, we want you to schedule your next appointment at our chiropractic clinic, and we will help you get on the path to greater physical function, health, and healing. We provide customized care to every one of our patients, and we can also provide additional forms of care, including massage therapy, acupuncture, and naturopathic medicine.

We recommend making an appointment at our chiropractic clinic if you struggle with chronic headaches or migraines, have ongoing neck and back pain, live with arthritis/joint pain, are recovering from a sports injury, have post-concussion symptoms, or are trying to move past a work-related injury. But even if you don’t have a chronic condition or pain, you can still benefit from regular chiropractic care.

Your first visit to our chiropractic clinic will involve a complete consultation and assessment with a chiropractor. To schedule this consultation or to learn more about our wellness clinic, please contact us today.

At Active Integrative Medicine, our chiropractic clinic serves patients from Pickering, Scarborough, Ajax, Durham, Whitby, Oshawa, and Markham, Ontario.