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The Long-Term Effects of a Concussion

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Concussions are one of the most common types of head injuries. With such a large amount of the Canadian population contracting mild to severe concussions, it is important to know the long-term effects of these types of injuries.

The Long-Term Effects of a Concussion

How Concussions Happen

Concussions occur after a traumatic blow to the head. When the head and the brain is shaken back and forth rapidly, physical and chemical changes happen that affect the brain’s functions.

Most Common Causes and Risk Factors

  • Sports-Related Injuries. Sports are one of the main causes of concussions. Adolescents in particular are at the highest risk for concussions, not due to irresponsibility while playing, but rather because their brains are still developing. Sports that people often get the most concussions in include football, basketball, and soccer.
  • Falling. Falling is also one of the leading causes of traumatic brain collision that leads to concussions. Young children and older adults are often the most commonly affected by falls that lead to concussion.
  • Long-Term Effects. Concussion symptoms are highly recognizable and develop within a short period of time. These symptoms include trouble concentrating, memory problems, and sensitivity to light and/or noise.

However, there are some long-term effects of concussions that may occur if you neglect to treat a concussion properly. Those symptoms include:

  • Post-Concussion Syndrome: This condition is not only associated with severe concussions. It can develop after even the mildest concussions with symptoms such as headaches, disorientation, fatigue, anxiety, increased irritability, and more.

To avoid the long-lasting effects of a concussion, it is essential to give your brain time to heal. This means avoiding all activities that are too strenuous and seeking professional help for your healing. Active Integrative Medicine’s Complete Concussion Management program is recognized as a certified Complete Concussion Management Inc. clinic and, with early intervention, can significantly improve a person’s concussion recovery and help to avoid negative long-term effects.

If you are interested in complete concussion management to treat your concussion, book an appointment online or give us a call today at: 905-492-8688.