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How We Take a Holistic Approach to Work‑Related Injuries

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Workplace injuries negatively affect our health and well-being. At Active Integrative Medicine, we approach these types of injuries with holistic care. Work-related injuries should be treated when they happen, but we also work to prevent issues. Our strategies and options help you stay healthy and safe when you return to your job.

How We Take a Holistic Approach to Work-Related Injuries

  • Determining the Source of Work-Related Injuries. Recognizing what type of injury has occurred is a crucial first step. Acute problems like strains or falls require different treatments than long-term problems like back soreness from prolonged sitting or repetitive stress injuries.
  • Including Holistic Therapies. Acupuncture, massage treatment, and chiropractic adjustments have demonstrated encouraging outcomes in managing pain and promoting healing. These treatments add to the healing process by addressing the psychological and emotional effects of injury.
  • The Role of Nutrition and Lifestyle. Treatment is one aspect of recovery; other changes to one’s way of life are also necessary. The body’s natural healing process can be aided by good nutrition, drinking enough water, and doing low-impact activities like swimming or yoga.
  • Mind-Body Connection. Recovering from work-related injuries can be stressful. Methods such as mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises reduce stress and enhance mental health, which is essential for physical recovery.

Recovering from work-related injuries needs a multi-faceted strategy. People heal better and more sustainably if they embrace holistic therapies, fuel and flex their bodies, and acknowledge the mind-body link. If you’ve suffered work-related injuries, we can develop a customized treatment plan that takes care of every part of your health. Contact us today.