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How Massage Therapy Boosts Flexibility

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Massage Therapy offers a number of benefits that improves one’s health, and flexibility is one of them. Flexibility is important for the body as it can improve your posture, muscle coordination, mobility and can reduce the possibility of injury. It will also make it easier for you to perform exercise and manage your health in your everyday life. Below we’ve listed some of the ways how massage therapy boosts flexibility.

How Massage Therapy Boosts Flexibility

Reduces Swelling

Massage therapy can use lymphatic drainage to draw out and flush excess fluid which can reduce swelling in tight muscles. When experiencing swelling, it can be difficult to move your body and remain flexible, however massage therapy can help treat this.

Decreases Pain

Experiencing pain often restricts flexibility due to the tightening of muscles around the area of the body in pain. Massage therapy can help loosen these tight muscles and relieve the pain. Massage also helps release endorphins which also work to naturally relieve pain.

Improve Tissue Elasticity

When massaging the body, the action helps to improve tissue elasticity. The body experiences an increase in temperature when massage therapy is performed, allowing muscle fibres to loosen and stretch. This will help improve tissue elasticity and increase flexibility.

Removes Waste & Toxins

Did you know massage therapy helps to remove waste products from your muscles? Within tight muscles are waste products and toxins which can be released through massage therapy. With regular massage, lactic acid build up for example, can be avoided as well as fatigue and pain in your muscles.

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