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How Can Custom Orthotics Help Your Feet?

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There are many things in life that can make your feet hurt every day.  Whether you’re an avid runner, have a medical condition like diabetes, or wear certain shoe styles that hurt your feet, you’ve probably tried a variety of over-the-counter shoe inserts to give your feet some extra support. But what you’ll quickly notice is that, while these inserts can help a little bit, they don’t provide the relief you’re after.

How Can Custom Orthotics Help Your Feet?

Custom orthotics, on the other hand, are made specifically to fit your feet, forming to their exact curves and pressure points to provide unparalleled support. If you visit us at Active Integrative Medicine for custom orthotics, once you start wearing your custom pair, you may notice a big difference in how your feet feel after just a few days.

One of the main ways custom orthotics help your feet is by providing cushioning while redistributing the pressure your feet endure while you participate in everyday activities. This can be particularly helpful if you stand for large portions of your workday or have arthritis. If you have diabetes, orthotics can help you prevent pressure ulcers and other foot issues related to this medical condition.

Not only can orthotics help your feet, but they can also provide relief if you struggle with back pain, ankle pain, or knee pain. All of these body parts depend on your feet for proper range of motion and alignment, so if your feet are having problems, it’s likely that your knees, ankles, or back may experience issues, too.

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