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3 Ways To Avoid Back Injuries During The Winter

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It is officially snowfall season, which means life is going to be tougher for the next several weeks. If you plan on leaving your house after a snowfall, you’re going to have to take care of your driveway, which means you’re bound to spend more time outside with your shovel.

3 Ways To Avoid Back Injuries During The Winter

Along with the annoyance of shoveling comes the potential risk for injuries. Unfortunately, if you do not shovel with good form, it can be really easy to throw out your back and severely injure yourself as you shovel your driveway or do another sort of outdoor maintenance, including spreading salt, cleaning your car, etc. Here are the best 3 ways to avoid those injuries.

  • Warm Up. Yes, we’re serious! When you don’t warm up first, you go into what is essentially a low intensity workout with your muscles stiff and unready. You’re going to want to do a couple of light exercises and stretches before going out to shovel your snow or do outdoor winter maintenance, so your muscles are ready for repetitive movements for an extended period of time. Try jumping jacks and squats!
  • Use Good Form. This is the most important thing to consider when shoveling your driveway. Ensure that you hold your shovel correctly by keeping a wide grip on the shovel. Another way to avoid throwing your back is to avoid the “twist and throw” method. Instead of throwing your body around, try to stabilize your back and engage your legs, glutes, and arms to lift and remove the snow.
  • Take a Break. It’s important to not overwork your body. If you start feeling tired or like you’re pushing yourself too hard, don’t be a hero! Take a break and step away from the work until you’re ready to continue. Nothing is worth putting your health at risk.

If you keep these 3 things in mind, you are way less likely to injure yourself while shoveling your driveway. But, if you do find yourself injured or if you simply want to be proactive about your physical health, visit Active Integrative Medicine for the best treatment today. We offer everything from chiropractic services to massage therapy and acupuncture. Whatever your health needs, we’ve got you covered. Call us to book an appointment: 905-492-8688.