The Graston Technique is a specialized form of manual therapy. It involves using
stainless steel tools to preform muscle mobilizations and remove tension from
trigger points (knots). It is a deeper and more intense version of manual therapy as
the tools used often allow for deeper and more precise targeting of the muscle.

The Graston Technique is preformed in 2 separate steps: locating and removing. The
first step, locating, is simply locating muscles that need attention. To do this, a
practitioner will run the tool over your skin in search of fibrous or scar tissue that
may be causing pain or restricting movement. The second step is to use the tools to
break up the tissue to ease pain and restore motion. This is done this is done by
rubbing of the tool into the muscle. The pressure and speed at which this is done
varies depending on the severity of the muscle tension.

The Graston Technique is not a commonly practiced technique, however, it is very
effective and healing technique. Benefits of the Graston Technique include the

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