Concussion Baseline Testing

A concussion baseline test is a series of physical and cognitive tests that determine the health of a person’s brain function. This is usually done before a sports season and prior to a head injury. If a person is suffering with a concussion, the results of these tests can be used to help your healthcare professional get you back to your normal healthy brain activity level.

What Concussions Do To The Brain?

Concussions usually cause disturbances in brain cells and changes in blood flow to the brain. This puts the brain in a very vulnerable state. It is important during this time to keep the brain safe as any small impact can cause another concussion. The best thing that a concussed athlete can do is avoid their sport or any high-risk activity until they have made a full brain function recovery.

How Concussion Baseline Testing Helps?

When done properly, concussion baseline tests offer useful information to help concussed athletes and their healthcare professionals manage their treatment and recovery. It gives healthcare professionals a better understanding of an athlete’s healthy state of brain function and the level to which the athlete must return.

What Healthcare Professionals Look For In A Concussion Baseline Test?

Baseline testing involves a comprehensive series of tests to help determine an athlete’s orientation, auditory memory, concentration, visual tracking, processing speed, balance, postural sway, reaction time, delayed recall, neurocognitive testing and more. The more tests a healthcare professional can do, the better for the results and the healing process.

Is Concussion Baseline Testing Right For Me?

If you play any type of high impact sport, chances are concussion baseline testing is a good option for you and your team. If you are over the age of 10 and participate in collision or high-speed sport, you should consider concussion baseline testing.

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