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Improve your well-being with physiotherapy.

Optimize and restore physical function and mobility with physiotherapy. This form of therapy can also help prevent injuries and manage different physical conditions. When you go in for physiotherapy, a highly trained physiotherapist will assess, diagnose, and provide treatment based on your unique situation and condition.

Physiotherapy in Pickering, Ontario

In many cases, physiotherapy can help after you sustain an injury, have surgery, or when you live with a medical condition. During physiotherapy, your physiotherapist will design a custom program and suggest therapeutic interventions to help you improve your strength, flexibility, and mobility.

In addition to rehabilitation, physiotherapy can help with managing pain, whether you are dealing with acute or chronic pain. Different techniques and exercises may be used to reduce your pain and discomfort overall.

If you need physiotherapy services in the Pickering, Ontario area, turn to us. At Active Integrative Medicine, we are committed to your well-being and want to help you improve your physical strength, mobility, and functionality with customized physiotherapy service.

We take a custom approach to physiotherapy because we realize that each and every one of our patients is different. During your first appointment, we will create a custom treatment plan with individualized goals we will help you work towards during every session.

If you have any questions about physiotherapy and why it is beneficial, we would be happy to answer them. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team or to set up your next physiotherapy appointment.

At Active Integrative Medicine, we offer physiotherapy to patients from Pickering, Scarborough, Ajax, Durham, Whitby, Oshawa, and Markham, Ontario.


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