foot arch pain

Plenty of people deal with foot arch pain. Regardless of whether you are a runner, an athlete or less active throughout your day, you may experience varying levels of foot arch pain throughout your life. Foot arch pain can be incredibly uncomfortable and can make it very difficult to perform basic tasks throughout their day. Thankfully, foot arch pain can be treated easily, but there’s some things you should know first…

What The Foot Arch Does

The foot arch is the small area of your foot that stretches from the end of the ball of your foot to the tip of the heel. It is essential to the structure and stability of your foot and allows your foot to do the following:


You will know you are experiencing arch pain if you start to feel pain in the ball of your foot, your heel, top of the foot, or even in your ankles. Depending on the cause of the pain, the pain may intensify during or after intense activity.

What Causes Arch Pain?

Many things can be the culprit of foot arch pain including:


If you have the following conditions, you may also be highly susceptible to foot arch pain:


How To Treat Foot Arch Pain

Sometimes foot arch pain can be treated with simple lifestyle changes such as:


However, sometimes foot arch pain requires professional treatment. This is why you should see a chiropractor or a massage therapist to treat your foot arch pain. Professional chiropractic treatment and/or massage therapy will bring you pain relief and can get you back to your normal daily activities as soon as possible.

The next time you begin to feel foot arch pain, try applying these at home remedies! If you find no relief, be sure to reach out to a professional chiropractor or a massage therapist from The AIM Clinic. For the best and most immediate relief, call us today to book an appointment: (905) 492-8688