Benefits of Custom Orthotics

By taking us where we want to go, our feet are the foundation for the rest of our body when it comes to mobility. When problems begin to occur in the foot, it can have repercussions throughout surrounding areas, from pain in our knees and hips to our legs and lower back. To combat these problems, custom orthotics are a great option that help with every step you take.

Here at AIM, we prescribe custom orthotics using a foam impression and a digital gait scan of the patient’s foot to custom-make a device specific to you and your dynamic structural alignment. This personalized device goes into the sole of your shoe to provide relief and benefit the overall health and function of the feet and surrounding areas. Below is a list of health benefits that custom orthotics provide the body:

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Foot Support: A problem with many feet is that the arch is often too high or too low, called pronation and supination respectively, and causes misalignment of the ankle. Custom orthotics are designed to support your specific arches, allowing your ankle to remain in an anatomically correct position as you stand and walk.

Reduces Pain: By providing the support your foot needs and reducing ankle misalignment, stress is taken off of problem areas such as the knees, hips, and lower back. This will reduce pain and promote the proper functionality of these body parts.

Reduces Risk of Developing Calluses, Corns and Ulcerations: Insufficient support of the foot can often cause strain on areas that are being loaded with more pressure than they should be. This overload can cause the development of calluses, corns, and ulcerations. Orthotics provide the support needed to redistribute pressure properly throughout the foot, reducing the risk of developing issues from pressure buildup.

Promotes General Well-Being: With improved foot comfort and reduced pain in the lower body, you’ll be able to perform every day activities for longer periods of time and with ease, such as standing, walking, exercising, and balancing.