celiac disease

Celiac disease has existed for quite some time. The discovery of gluten being the cause of the disease, however, was fairly recent. Thankfully, we now understand much more about celiac disease and how to treat it best.

Unfortunately, regardless of all this information, celiac disease can be difficult to deal with and even more difficult to diagnose as many foods we often consume have gluten in it. Undiagnosed celiac disease can cause serious problems and long-term health issues in a person; it can affect your digestive system as well as your skin, joints, and bones.

That’s where naturopathy comes in. Naturopathic treatment of celiac disease can help get rid of uncomfortable and painful symptoms as well as improve your overall quality of life. Here’s how naturopathy can help treat celiac disease:

Prescribing a Gluten Free Diet

If gluten is the problem, then avoid the problem. Therefore, taking on a gluten free diet is absolutely essential to the treatment of celiac disease. This means checking every single label for traces of gluten, as gluten exists in places outside of wheat products. This may seem difficult (and it is), but it is manageable, and you’ll find tons of delicious and nutritious gluten free alternatives when you keep your eyes open to them!

Balance Out Nutrients

If you have celiac disease, your body probably has malabsorption, which means your body probably lacks important nutrients like iron, calcium, zinc, and other vitamins. Because of celiac disease, your gut just isn’t able to absorb them, which can lead to all sorts of uncomfortable consequences. A naturopath will test your body for the nutrients you lack and suggest dietary supplements that will help restore them to a healthy level.

Check For Other Damage

Those who suffer from celiac disease often also suffer damage to their skin, bones and digestive system. To ensure your health, a naturopath will test your body (bone density, potential skin disorders, etc.) so that you know what’s going on and can start other treatments if necessary.

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