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Why Bloating Happens And How You Can Manage It

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Bloating is a symptom that is often experienced by many. Various situations and factors can trigger bloating such as the food that we eat, digestive disturbances, or even menstrual cycles. Understanding what can cause bloating can help make it easier to assess how to prevent instances of bloating.

Why Bloating Happens And How You Can Manage It

What Can Cause Bloating?

One of the most common reasons why we bloat is due to food sensitivities. Not every food matches every body, therefore common food sensitivities and allergens such as dairy and gluten can be common culprits. Low stomach acid may also be the reason why you experience bloating, as this can prevent food from being adequately broken down in the gut. Additionally, excess bacteria and yeast can also result in food not being broken down enough, which leads to bloating. Hormone levels can trigger bloating as well, especially if you notice bloating when you first wake up.

It is extremely important that if you suffer from bloating more often than not, to get checked out by a qualified practitioner, especially if the bloating appears to be hard to the touch and does not go down.

How To Get Rid Of Bloating?

Although bloating can happen for many different reasons, there are some common ways to help minimize and ease the symptoms of bloating.

Keep A Food Diary: Taking note of what foods you consume on a daily basis can help you figure out which foods may be triggering your bloating.

-Chew Your Water, Drink Your Food: Make sure you take your time chewing your food thoroughly and not gulping water down too fast. This will help you digest your food a lot easier.

-Manage Your Stress Levels: Managing your stress levels can help prevent additional pressure on your stomach and also prevent food from being digested poorly.

-Eat Foods That Support Your Digestive System: Foods such as pineapple, lemons, limes, sauerkraut, asparagus and papaya can help support the production of digestive enzymes in your gut, which helps prevent bloating.

-Stay Active: Staying active helps promote your overall well being and digestive functions, which can help ease symptoms of bloating.

If it seems that you have tried everything, but still can’t seem to get the root cause of why you are bloating, an experienced naturopathic doctor can help. The AIM Clinic offers expert advice on naturopathic medicines to relieve your bloating symptoms and address further health concerns in relation to bloating. Contact us at 905-492-8688 to reach Pickering’s top naturopathic doctors today.