Please note we are not affected by current lockdown closures in Ontario. As an essential business, we are able to remain open. Thank you for your continued support.


COVID-19 Protocol

The health and safety of our patients and staff is of utmost importance. We want to ensure we are doing our part in complying with the Ministry of Health and our respective colleges to keep everyone safe. We truly appreciate your understanding, patience, and cooperation as we navigate this new way of operation.

We ask that you please reschedule your appointment if you OR someone in your household is experiencing signs and symptoms. We ask that you refrain from booking with us for at least 14 days. If you are tested for COVID-19 during that time and the results are negative and you are feeling well, you may book with us upon providing test results.

We understand there may be unforeseeable circumstances that can result in a cancellation, but please be considerate of our cancellation policy. Please notify us of cancellations via phone/voicemail (905-492-8688) or email ( with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Last Minute Cancellations (appointments cancelled on the same day) or No Shows (you do not show up for your appointment) leaves a gap in the practitioner’s day that could have been filled by another patient. Patients that provide less than 24 hours notice, or miss their appointment, may be subject to a cancellation fee. If you have more than three No Shows on record, you will be charged a cancellation fee on your fourth incident and future incidents. If Last Minute Cancellations becomes a recurring pattern, you will be charged a cancellation fee for appointments cancelled on the same day. The cancellation fee is 50% or 100% of the missed service fee.

Patient Responsibilities 

  • Before each appointment, you are to complete a mandatory COVID-19 screening survey. It will be emailed to you 24-hours before your appointment.
  • You are required to wear a mask in the clinic. If you do not have one, we have disposable masks available for $1.00.
  • When possible, please come to your appointment alone. Non-essential visitors are not permitted to remain in the waiting room.
  • Please perform hand hygiene with the hand sanitizer provided upon entry of the clinic and when exiting the treatment rooms.
  • Please practice physical distancing in the front desk area if there are other patients present.
  • We kindly ask that you pay for your service upon arrival. Cash is not accepted at this time, but our system allows for credit/debit transactions via tap. You will be emailed a copy of your receipt for your service.


Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Appointments are now scheduled so there is time allotted to properly clean and sanitize all rooms (10-15 mins).
  • Disinfectants and sanitizers used are approved by Health Canada.
  • A “wipe-twice” method is used to clean and disinfect. Surfaces are wiped with a cleaning agent to clean off soil, and wiped again with a disinfectant. Cleaning cloths or ready-to-use wipes are changed/disposed of when visibly soiled or no longer wet enough to allow for appropriate contact time.
  • All high-touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly and after contact. E.g. Doorknobs, light switches, washrooms including toilet handles, countertop, chairs, pens, clipboards, telephone, keyboards, payment machine, touch screens, plexiglass barrier, etc.
  • Items have been removed that are frequently shared, difficult to clean, or not necessary. E.g. magazines, water services, etc.
  • All rooms including contact surfaces are cleaned and disinfected after each use and between patients. E.g. tables, chairs, therapeutic
    tools and devices, topical product containers, etc. Items that cannot be cleaned and disinfected between patients have been removed. E.g. table warmers/pads.
  • For tables, the face cradle cover is changed after each patient, and the face cradle is cleaned and disinfected after each patient.
  • Linens, towels, blankets and pillows are changed between patients, and washed and dried in the highest heat possible. Used linens are stored in a container with a lid until they are washed. Staff that are handling these items practice proper hand hygiene.


Personal Protective Equipment

  • All practitioners must wear a surgical/procedural mask.
  • All patients must wear a mask. Patients are encouraged to bring and use their own clean disposable or reusable mask. Masks are available for purchase for $1.00.
  • Practitioners may use one mask for multiple patients, but it must be discarded when wet, damaged, soiled, exposed to bodily fluids, if taking a break, and at the end of the day.
  • Single use gloves may be used but are not required.
  • Practitioners are not required to wear goggles, face shields, gowns or booties.


Hand Hygiene

  • Everyone, including staff and patients, are to perform hand hygiene upon arrival of the clinic, and before leaving a treatment room.
  • Hand hygiene is performed: a. before and after each patient contact, b. before and after performing an invasive procedure, c. before preparing, handling or eating food, d. after care involving body fluids and before moving to another activity, e. before putting on and after taking off gloves and other PPE, f. after personal body functions (e.g., blowing one’s nose, coughing or sneezing), g. whenever hands come into contact with secretions, excretions, blood and body fluids, h. after contact with items from a patient, and i. whenever there is doubt about the necessity for doing so.


Physical Distancing

  • Physical settings and interactions have been redesigned to minimize contact between individuals where possible. E.g. a plexiglass barrier has been installed at reception, chairs in the waiting room have been removed. Individuals should remain two meters away from each other where possible.
  • New system has been implemented to reduce the number of people in the clinic. I.e. Clients are asked to arrive alone to their appointment. Non-essential visitors are not permitted to wait in the waiting room.
  • Limited exchange of paper. I.e. No cash payments at this time, and receipts will be emailed. Credit or debit card is accepted.


*Active Integrative Medicine reserves the right to update and amend these procedures and protocols at any time for the safety of their staff and patients*