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Complete Concussion Management, Pickering, ON

We can help you recover after suffering a concussion.

One of the things those who get a concussion say is that they are surprised at how long it took them to make a full recovery. Recovering from a concussion does take time, but with the right management approach, you can reduce your symptoms and get back to life as normal much sooner.

Complete Concussion Management in Pickering, Ontario

At Active Integrative Medicine, we provide complete concussion management services at our wellness clinic. We serve patients from throughout the Pickering, Ontario area, and we are here to help you start making progress with your recovery from day one.

A concussion happens when the brain experiences a sudden blow or jolt, leading to a short disruption in its normal functioning. Complete concussion management will ensure your safety, monitor your recovery, and minimize the risk of complications from sustaining a concussion.

After you sustain a concussion, come to our wellness clinic for an evaluation. We will develop a complete concussion management plan that takes into account your specific symptoms and your recovery timeline. We will then monitor your progress and improvement, adjusting your plan over time as you move forward with recovery.

We know that suffering a concussion can disrupt life as you know it, and we are here to help you move forward and get back to doing the things you love. If you want to know more about our approach to complete concussion management, or if you would like to set up an assessment at our wellness clinic, contact us today.

At Active Integrative Medicine, we offer complete concussion management to patients from Pickering, Scarborough, Ajax, Durham, Whitby, Oshawa, and Markham, Ontario.