The Graston Technique is a patented form of therapy that uses tools to release tension from the body. By using these tools in a specific way to target stressed areas of the body (also known as “knots”), a skilled practitioner can help relieve the pain in your body. Here are 3 reasons why the Graston Technique is one of the best ways to relieve your pain:

It Works Quickly –
You will feel results within the first few treatments. Regardless of your injury is chronic or acute, you should be able to see a significant reduction in your pain and any physical symptoms you have within 6-12 treatments.

It Activates Mechanoreceptors –
The Graston Technique uses pressure to activate certain nerve fibers as well as the body’s sensory receptors. This means completely engaging the mechanoreceptors and proprioceptors that help you to repair and strengthen muscles.

Improve Functions –
Mobilizing the soft tissue beneath your skin utilizing the Graston Technique is the best way to improve your body’s normal functions. In comparison to other types of treatments, studies show that the Graston Technique was most effective, and people were able to move more due to lessened pain.

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