A foot orthotic is a customizable device designed to support, align, prevent or accommodate foot abnormalities. It is an extremely effective treatment for pains such as heel pain, arch pain, forefoot pain, shin splints and knee pain. Using a custom foot orthotic can drastically improve the way the foot functions if used as recommended by your chiropractor.

Here are some ways that custom foot orthotics can help you:

Provide the Right Support

Custom orthotics tends to work better than pre-made ones because they are made specifically for an individual’s foot. This means that whatever your particular foot problem, a custom foot orthotic will be able to target that issue and provide the specific support and structure that you need.

Alleviate and Prevent Pain

Your feet are a foundational part of your body and should not hurt. If you have chronic pains in your foot, custom foot orthotics will be able to alleviate your pain and prevent future instances of this pain from occurring.

Improve Function and Correct Abnormalities

When you feel less pain and are provided with the right amount of support, your feet will automatically begin to function properly because there is nothing hindering them from doing so. In addition to this, custom foot orthotics can also help to correct abnormalities like high arches, supination, collapsed arches or pronation. When both your feet have the same structure and amount of support, with the assistance of a custom foot orthotic, you will feel less pain and be able to move around freely.

If you are constantly on your feet, are an athlete, or are suffering from chronic foot pain due to aging or foot abnormalities, custom foot orthotics may be the right treatment for you.

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