Month: December 2019

Graston Technique is a therapeutic method used in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. The Graston technique is a relatively new type of soft tissue mobilization that uses specially designed stainless-steel instruments to help the chiropractor detect and eliminate adhesions caused by scar tissue.

The scar tissue is a non-functional tissue that can limit movement and generate pain, as well as aggravate other musculoskeletal problems. This therapy seeks to overcome these problems and boost overall health.

Specialized instruments are used to massage the affected area, generating micro-abrasions of the scar tissue. This procedure induces an inflammatory response that increases blood flow to the tissues to accelerate the healing process and restore the elasticity of normal tissue.

This technique is increasingly being used for the treatment of lower back pain. Lower back pain is a disorder we all experience at least once in our lifetime. Back pain causes decreased lumbar extensibility, limited range of movement and the ability to walk, generating limitations in the activities of daily life.

Graston technique helps eliminate back pain by inhibiting tissue adhesions, increasing blood flow and promoting collagen synthesis. This technique is combined with postural adjustments and exercises.

Scar tissue removal may cause some discomfort, but the long-term benefits are worth it. Therapy is usually initiated with gentle massages to desensitize the tissues and subsequently, the strength of the massages is increased.

It is important to remember that the Graston technique must be applied by qualified chiropractors with experience in this area. In our center in Pickering, you will find the best professionals who willing to help you eliminate your back pain once and for all.

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Winter is a season when health problems increase. However, something that many do not know is that chiropractic care can help prevent, reduce and treat a wide variety of health conditions. Next, we will explain some reasons why you should consider going to a chiropractor during the winter.

Prevent the body from stiffening

Muscle contractions are more frequent during winter, which can reduce flexibility and predispose to muscle injuries. The chiropractor can help you eliminate muscle stiffness and increase your flexibility.

Reduce body pain

People suffering from arthritis experience painful crises during the winter. A good way to decrease pain is through mild spinal jousts. When the pain disappears, mobility increases, which increases the patient’s quality of life. Your chiropractor will help preserve the flexibility of your spinal joints to help you move freely.

Minimize the risk of winter sports injuries

During winter it is common to practice high-risk sports such as skiing, which if not practiced properly can lead to musculoskeletal injuries. If you suffer an injury practicing a winter sport, do not hesitate to visit a chiropractor, as he/she will help you recover faster and you can resume your daily activities. Chiropractic care can also help you prevent these injuries as it increases muscle flexibility and coordination.

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