Month: November 2019

How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Want to get ahead on weight loss before the New Year? Are you taking a step towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle?

The AIM Clinic can help you do this with our Ideal Protein weight loss program. You can loose weight in a healthy way.

Why Choose This Program?
If you have struggled to loose weight in the past, look no further than Active Integrative Medicine’s Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program. This program will not just put you on a diet and force you to eat certain foods, it will teach you exactly what to look for in foods (nutrients and helpful resources for the body) as well as necessary coaching and guidance. Our Ideal Protein program doesn’t just give our clients instructions, it teaches them to be independent for their future healthy lifestyle.

How It Works
Ideal Protein is a program that involves purchasing pre-portioned, pre-packaged foods, all approved and composed by Ideal Protein. These pre-packaged foods are specifically made so that they are low in carbohydrates and fats in order for effective, but healthy, weight loss.

This program also includes weekly one-on-one coaching appointments, in between videos, and daily coaching videos. Throughout the entire program, you will have guidance and resources to fall back on. Unlike other weight loss programs or diet programs that simply track your calorie intake and/or limit your food intake to a couple key ingredients, Ideal Protein is a diverse and supportive program that teaches you what to do better by working as a team. You are never alone!

You can get started on our Ideal Protein program, and a future healthier lifestyle, today by visiting us at Active Integrative Medicine. To learn more about the program or to get started right away, contact us today at 905-429-8688.

3 Benefits of Foot Orthotics

Orthotics refers to the support given to the feet via arch supports or inserts. If you or someone you love suffers with foot pain or ankle pain, you may have heard that orthotics are a great way to alleviate your pain.

In order for the ligaments and tendons of the foot to function correctly and without pain, custom foot orthotics are created to supplement the lack of support. Here are 3 ways that custom orthotics can help alleviate foot pain:

Targeted Support
Custom foot orthotics are made specifically for your foot. This means that you get the ideal level of support exactly where you need it. Although you can purchase foot orthotics at the drugstore, these insoles are mass-produced rather than being catered to your exact needs.

Pain Relief
Due to the targeted support that custom foot orthotics provide, you will feel less pain in your feet. Orthotics also serves to prevent injury and improve foot function, therefore helping your foot/ feet to move, restore your balance, and relieve your pain.

Improve Overall Health

When your feet no longer hurt, you automatically begin feeling better overall. Not only will your mood improve, but your healthy habits will have the chance to improve too. When your feet no longer hurt, you can spend more time doing physical activities and being on your feet in order to promote your overall health.

Custom foot orthotics can make a great difference in your life. If you’re interested in learning more about custom foot orthotics, call Active Integrative Medicine today at 905.492.8688 to book an appointment.