Month: October 2019

A concussion is a brain/ head injury caused by blunt force to the head. Concussions are identified when things such as bruising, swelling of the brain, tearing of blood vessels, nerve injury are seen in the brain. These traumatic injuries can range from mild to severe. Regardless of the level of severity, concussions should be treated immediately to promote healing and avoid potential problems.

It is common for athletes to receive a concussion at one point or another in their athletic career. Thankfully, chiropractic treatment can be offered to help heal and relieve pain from concussions depending on the severity of the concussion.

Chiropractic is a useful tool in the health and recovery of a person with a concussion. Concussions are directly affected by motions of the body, either of excessive acceleration or deceleration, which can enhance the symptoms of concussions such as headaches, dizziness, and bodily, cognitive, or visual dysfunction. Chiropractic can reduce these symptoms by returning and improving the body’s function and health. Chiropractors at Active Integrative Medicine have concussion rehabilitation training that can include spinal adjusting, balance training, and oculomotor and vestibular rehabilitation exercises.

Chiropractic is therefore a wonderful pain free method of concussion treatment that also benefits the rest of your body. Treat your whole body while also receiving the concussion treatment that you need. If you are looking for chiropractic services for sports injuries or concussion treatment, call Active Integrative Medicine today at 905.492.8688 to book an appointment.

If you play any sort of sport, you know that injuries are absolutely inevitable. Sports are demanding and physically taxing; putting your body through this puts it at risk of receiving different kinds of injuries. Although the passion for the game and fun of it makes injuries such as tears, sprains, and strains almost worth it, your body must be attended to after receiving a sports related injury if it is to continue performing in a healthy manner.

The best way to treat a sport injury is to visit a chiropractor. Injuries caused by forceful impact, repetitive motion, over-training, improper training, or failure to prepare the body before a game/ workout session can be treated effectively by a chiropractor. Visiting a chiropractor for sports injuries will bring relief to injury as well as help them heal faster.

When dealing with a sports injury, a chiropractor will first access the condition of their patient. This will allow them to come up with a treatment plan. Once this is done, a chiropractor will then manipulate parts of the patient’s body in order to release pressure and/or align muscles and joints. This, in effect, restores the body’s original capabilities and range of motion.

Although a chiropractor will look for and address the root issue of a sports injury, they may also recommend other forms of treatment to speed the healing process. These other forms of treatment may include active rehabilitation exercises to address the injury and pain control methods such as cryotherapy and electrical stimulation.This is quite common in the process of healing sports injuries and is very effective in relieving sports injury induced pain.

If you have recently received a sports injury, consider seeing a chiropractor before it becomes a larger and more difficult issue to manage. Chiropractors focus on dealing with injuries at its root cause in order to prevent future injuries. If you are interested in chiropractic for sports injuries, call Active Integrative Medicine today at 905.492.8688 to book an appointment.